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Favourite genre of music: deathcore, hardcore, punk, post-hardcore etc
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Personal Quote: even fools appear wise until they open their mouth
alright, i didnt believe this at first, but minecraft really is an addicting game!
at the beginning i completely disregarded that game because i thought that the things you had to do there were too simple.. just build some blocks, kill some monsters. dig some holes.
and i thought that the game had to suck bc the graphics sucked. those graphics were actually the biggest reason for me not caring about that game.
and i thought that way for quite some time.
but then, a few weeks ago, i watched one minecraft video. i thought it looked kinda funny, but still not enough to awake any kind of real interest.
then last week, i watched the old spice guy commercials on youtube. and i saw that there was a minecraft parody of those. curious as i am, i watched said parody.
and i have to say, the vid was funny. and it appealed to me because at one point in the video, they make fun of Call of Duty: Black Ops and i'm pretty annoyed of that game at the moment.
so i started looking for more minecraft videos and i found some. a lot. one of the guys that i'm subscribed to on youtube has a series with 80+ minecraft videos. i watched the first one and one of his friends immediately falls into a hole. the vid was hilarious, my interest grew.
so then me and a friend went onto the free classic version of minecraft and just went mean-mode by destroying people's stuff. that was fun, but of course you cant do as many things in the free version as you can in the paidd version. so today i actually purchased the paid version of minecraft. why? because the game seems lots of fun. and what's 15€ anyways?
i hopped onto the multiplayer and got some advice by people. then i went on single player. i survived 3 nights, then a creeper snuck up behind me and blew me up. and my base too.
still, it was a lot of fun today and i'll definitely play that game more often now.
i'm hooked and i recommend anyone who thinks the same way that i did at the beginning to go play some minecraft classic. you'll soon think otherwise lol. game's awesome!

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Oh sorry! ^^; I dont mean to do that! Over a 100 hours Rp time can really mess up my normal typing...
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sounds nerdy to me
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